Kindle 通用越狱教程:适用固件版本 5.0.x~



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  1. 想问一下,是不是KPW1的5.6.1.1就没救了,现在系统很慢很慢,如果不能越狱有什么其他办法可以救一下吗?

    • KPW1 应该是可以降级再越狱的,文中“支持固件版本”那一小节也有说明。不过越狱无法解决系统慢的问题,你可以尝试重置一下系统(注意备份必要的文件)看是否能改善。

    • 需要先将多看系统的文件夹都删除,再越狱。具体参考原文档的Q&A

      *Q*. I can’t figure out why the *Update Your Kindle* link stays grayed out (bis)?

      *A*. First, read the instructions again, and make sure you followed them exactly. A common oversight is to upload the zip file itself, instead of what’s *in* the zip file after it’s been unpacked ;).
      If you think you did that right, don’t worry, there’s a known (upstream) issue that might cause the OTA updater to crash and fail to pick up new update files. If you still have the jailbreak files on the root of your device, remove them, and make sure you don’t have any other .bin files laying around in there.
      Restart your device, and try the installation procedure again.
      (If this happens for any other hack, and you have a shell access, a *restart otaupd* usually puts things to right).